Snow Queen Organic Vodka

Snow Queen Organic Vodka


40% ABV / 70cl

A stunning, multi-award winning vodka from Kazakhstan which is made from organic wheat and spring water from the foot of the Himalayas. Named after the infamous Snow Queen of Kazakhstan, this superb vodka is beautifully presented, and offers a real alternative to the more mainstream premium vodkas.

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 Once upon a time there was a vodka called Snow Queen... born in the far-away land of Kazakhstan, her father was the finest wheat that grows on the plains and her mother was the purest spring water that flows through the snow-capped mountains. It wasn't long before Snow Queen Vodka became known as the smoothest, most beautiful vodkas of them all. Experts came from far and wide and were amazed that such a perfect drink existed. They showered her with prizes. Gold medals. Awards. Diplomas. But what was the secret of her beauty? It was quite simple. Unlike other vodkas, Snow Queen had been distilled not once, not twice, not thrice, not even four times. She had been distilled five times. That is what gave her such a unique, smooth and velvety taste. 

But of course, as it happens so often fairy tales, her beauty carried an inescapable curse. For whoever put Snow Queen to their lips was condemned to fall in love with her. For the rest of their life. 

Snow Queen Vodka is produced in one of our three distilleries in Kazakhstan. These distilleries have a total capacity to produce more than 200 million litres per year. We pride ourselves on the excellence of the raw materials used which ultimately determine the quality of our product. We choose only the finest organic wheat, the purest sand filtered artesian spring water from the snow-capped mountains of Alatau and charcoal from the birch trees of the Kazakh forests. 





  1. 40 ml of Snow Queen Vodka
  2. 20 ml of Lillet Blanc
  3. 5 ml of Mandarin Napoleon 
  4. 1 dash of Orange Bitters


  1. Stir and strain into a chilled coupe.
  2. Garnish with zested lemon twist.