Royal Dragon Superior Vodka Imperial

Royal Dragon Superior Vodka Imperial

from 59.99

40% ABV

A wonderfully smooth and clean handmade vodka, presented in a handmade bottle containing a hand-blown glass dragon with 23 carat gold leaf. Absolutely beautiful, both visually and tastefully. 

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Royal Dragon is a unique Vodka concept with a different approach, combining the best ingredients from around the World – Superior 5 x distilled Vodka, Swiss Gold, the Asian Dragon, Diamonds from Belgium, Italian packaging and Dutch Design.

Royal Dragon is the ultimate expression of Superior Vodka. A smaller batch Vodka, exclusively distilled with a Russian formula from the finest winter harvest rye. To achieve the elemental softness and purity, our Vodka is five times distilled, using a century old copper pot still. We will always remain committed to deliver the ultimate tasting palettes and are determined to create an extraordinary serving experience for our consumers.



Royal Dragon Imperial should be drank over ice, with perhaps a subtle garnish of lemon peel. This way, you can enjoy the complex and beautiful flavours it has to offer.