Miodula Original Aged Presidential Blend Honey Vodka

Miodula Original Aged Presidential Blend Honey Vodka


40% ABV / 50cl

Only 4000 bottles of this exceptional honey vodka are made every year, and of this limited number, 500 are sent to the Polish president to use as diplomatic gifts (hence the name "Presidential Blend"). Made from honey dew honey, clear mountain spring water and exceptional Polish vodka, this outstanding vodka is barrel-aged in oak for at least 11 months. The result is rich and smooth, with a carefully balanced sweetness from the honey.

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The major of the Cieszyn region was very proud of Miodula. He asked for development of the ultimate Miodula as an exclusive gift for the Polish President. Obviously, the super premium award winning vodka was still used. Just like the original honey dew from the Cieszyn region. Yet this time - especially for the presidential batch - it was decided to oak age the honey vodka in single barrels. The taste surpassed expectations. 

The first presidential bottle was offered to the Polish President and since then many bottles followed. To this day the tradition is maintained. As a result Miodula took flight, conquering other regions of Poland. Now the time has come to share the long lingering taste with you.



Straight on ice. Keep it simple and enjoy!