Distil No. 9 Small Batch Vodka

Distil No. 9 Small Batch Vodka


40% ABV / 70cl

A delicious and smooth vodka from Ukraine. Subtle sweet candy floss flavour and mellow texture, Distil No.9 is a very impressive vodka. Easily sipped neat over ice, or as the perfect vodka base in cocktails!

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Distil. #9 is a small batch vodka produced by the Ukrainian craft distiller Staritsky & Levitsky in the city of Lviv. We made it our mission to revive and share the traditional Ukrainian ways of vodka making, by focusing on local product source and authenticity. 

It helps that Ukraine was part of vodka's birthplace and that Lviv is close to the Carpathian Mountains, with its many source of crystal clear water. The fact that Ukraine's black soil produces the best grains in the world to distil, makes the ingredients and location unique. 

Reviving traditional vodka takes time, patience, a bit of luck and - above all 0 persistence. But we thought that, among many, our 9th attempt was the best, so picking a name was the easy part. Our vodka is made in the batches of 9999 bottles and crafted with care and passion.


Distil No. 9 is smooth and characterful enough to sip neat or over ice... But also clean enough to improve any vodka based cocktail, or compliment your favourite mixer.