Davna Polish Favoured Vodka's

Davna Polish Favoured Vodka's

  • Czeri - 38% ABV / 50cl
  • Hani - 38% / 50cl
  • Bizon - 40% / 50cl

A delicious range of flavoured vodka's from Poland. Some "flavoured vodkas" on the market bottle themselves around 20 - 24% which technically means they're a vodka liqueur... but not these ones! Davna is bottled at the full 38% and blended with mouth-watering juices or infusions. Absolutely scrumptious!

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BIZON: Premium Polish Grain Vodka flavoured with hand-picked bison grass from the ancient Polish woodland of Biatowieza. A distinctive and natural flavour with hints of almond, jasmine and herbs. Legend has it that it gives strength and longevity. Enjoy it on its own or with apple juice over ice. 

CZERI: Coming soon.

HANI: Coming soon.