Curio Cardamom Infused Cornish Vodka

Curio Cardamom Infused Cornish Vodka

from 18.99

40% ABV

A rather unusual concoction that infuses organic cardamom seeds with triple-distilled spirit. As with all their products, the vodka is finished with pristine Cornish spring water.

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Curio vodkas are born from a love of natural flavours and a desire to exceed expectations. Triple distilled vodka is gently infused with cardamom pods to capture the floral cardamom spice. We produce in small batches to give you the very best vodka flavour - you can even drink it neat. 

Curiously infused vodka, flavoured with natural ingredients.



We suggest treating Curio Cardamom much like you would a gin. Glass, ice, premium tonic and a sprig of rosemary!