Cristalnaya Vodka

Cristalnaya Vodka


38% ABV / 70cl

Cristalnaya is an exceptionally good value vodka distilled from top-quality grains and a secret blend of botanicals. The result is clean and crisp with a silky mouth feel and delicate notes of almond and black pepper. Wipes the floor with a supposed ‘super-premium’ French vodka we can think of!

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In 1894 Alexander III, Tsar of all the Russias, laid down the purity laws to which all authentic vodkas were to comply. Using a secret botanical and the finest grains, Cristalnaya is triple distilled to the same quality standard, making it exceptionally smooth over ice or with your preferred mixer.

Pure smooth, original recipe authenticity since 1894. 


Cristalnaya has enough quality to be served neat, but it really is one of the best vodka's to make top quality cocktails. Find any vodka-based cocktail that takes your fancy, and Cristalnaya will more than do the job!