Skipper Rum

Skipper Rum


40% ABV / 70cl

A great mixing rum launched in the 1930's that still boasts the original label! Notes of butterscotch, coffee, black pepper and spice. A really good base rum for a variety of cocktails. 

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It's jolly hard to know what's what these days. At every turn we are introduced to the next best thing or find ourselves rubbing our eyes in astonishment at the latest fashions, peccadilloes and presumptions. From London to Sydney, St Lucia to St Tropez it's a rum world wherever you look.

Which is why it's terribly reassuring to know that Skipper hasn't changed a jot since 1930. It's still a blend of 7 dark rums, all aged for at least 3 years which is really rather rare for the Navy Style, guaranteeing a first-rate sundowner whatever your port of call. 


The Best in this Rum World.


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