Ron de Jeremy Hardcore Edition Spiced Rum

Ron de Jeremy Hardcore Edition Spiced Rum


47% ABV / 70cl

Don't be fooled by the label, this is not a novelty bottle. A fantastic spiced rum with a nose of rich spices alongside butter, oak and creamy vanilla. The palate opens up further, revealing smooth vanilla, dried banana, toasted oak, coconut and classic spices. Winner of 2014 Rum Masters, Master Award for Spiced Rum!

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There are many Rons but only one is larger than life; the legendary Ron Jeremy. This exclusive Hardcore Edition is crafted using the finest rums from the islands of Trinidad and Barbados and artfully blended with exotic spices. It packs a hefty punch at 47% ABV, yet remains exceptionally smooth, warming and well-rounded with a complex, long finish. Hardcore Edition can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, with cola or in cocktails.

Remember to enjoy responsibly and never do anything Ron wouldn't.


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