New Dawn 18 Years Aged Rum

New Dawn 18 Years Aged Rum


42% ABV / 70cl

An 18 year old rum brought over from the Caribbean by sail. Yep thats right, wind powered rum! Not only that, but once the rum is docked, the barrels are transported to their destination by horse and cart! Now, we know this doesn't add to the flavour, but come on! Once the rum is blended to perfection it is bottled and there we have it. A beautiful rum with a beautiful story.

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Matured in oak barrels using the solera process, this 18 year old rum started its journey in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, at the master distillers Oliver and Oliver. Once selected, its journey continued across the Atlantic aboard the handsome engineless brigantine Tres Hombres, aged a further 45 days on the rolling sea. Met by horse and cart on arrival in Falmouth, England, the barrels made their final journey to be blended with Cornish spring water and bottled in a local brewery.