El Ron Prohibido Habanero Rum

El Ron Prohibido Habanero Rum


40% ABV / 70cl

During the 17th century the Spaniards would ship sweet wine over to Mexico. Once the wine was drunk, the Mexicans would fill the casks with their rum and send it on its way back to Spain. Throughout the long journey, the rum would take on flavours of the barrel and deepen in complexity. The resulting rum was so delicious that local producers in Spain were worried everyone would prefer it over their own produce. So, they convinced their King to have it banned, thus attributing the name: El Ron Prohibido, the forbidden rum.

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By the year 1700, Spanish ships arrived to the colonies in the New World loaded with products from Spain. One popular product was sweet wine stored in barrels, which were later emptied after use. These empty barrels were filled with Chinguirito, which is rum that was produced in Mexico, and shipped back to Spain. As the rum aged in the sweet wine barrels during the trip back to Spain, it absorbed wood flavours and aroma from the sweet wine barrels, which gave it very special characteristics. The resulting product became very popular in Spain, and local producers saw it as a threat to the sales of their products. Consequently, the King of Spain prohibited the production of this rum in the New World. Chinguirito was also known as Habanero because the last stop on the way back to Spain from the New World was Habanero, Cuba. 


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