Diplomatico Single Vintage Rum 2002

Diplomatico Single Vintage Rum 2002


43% ABV / 70cl

Distilled in ancient copper stills and aged in Bourbon, Single Malt Whiskey and finally Sherry Casks, this is a very special rum indeed. Beautifully complex thanks to masterful blending and careful maturation.

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Diplomatico Single Vintage rum is the result of a careful selection of reserves laid down to age in the year declared on each edition. The rums are separately distilled in ancient copper Pot Stills and a Kettle Batch system, giving an exceptional character, and subsequently aged in bourbon and single malt whisky casks. 

After the aging process, the Master Blender assembles the rum in varying proportions in order to get the structure, body, personality, flavour and aroma that he is looking for. When finished, the rum is transferred into Spanish sherry casks for the finishing touches. 

The result is a superb rum. A deep golden amber color rum with aromas of Tobacco leaf, spice, buttery fudge, vanilla and rich caramel combined with new leather, almonds and dried fruit. 

The palate is rich, silky and incredibly flavoursome. Buttery fudge, caramel, golden syrup, vanilla oak, nutmeg spice, tobacco, dried apricots and fruit cake. When is finished, the aftertaste evoques notes of tobacco, caramel, cinnamon and nutty spice with cloves and liquorice. 

Diplomatico promises only the finest quality in its Rum expressions, especially the Single Vintage.