Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum

Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum


40% ABV / 70cl

Rich and complex, full of character from its small batch production and time spent in oak. Incredible notes of cappuccino and dark chocolate - exceptionally smooth. A perfect sipper for black rum lovers.

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Chris Blackwell, the inspiration behind BLACKWELL Fine Jamaican Rum, hails from one of Jamaica's oldest merchant families. Settling in Jamaica in 1625, they were renowned for exporting bananas, coconuts and rum. 

Chris continues in the family tradition with the introduction of BLACKWELL Fine Jamaican Rum, taken from time-honoured and secret recipes. BLACKWELL's deep, rich, fragrant, black gold liquid is aged, making it one of the finest gifts Jamaica and Christ have to offer.

By the way, Chris founded the famed Island Records label in 1959, which brought Reggae music to the world. Crafting Blackwell's Fine Jamaican Rum with the same passion he has for Reggae, Chris has imbued this black gold liquid with the very warmth and sensuality for which Jamaica and its music are so well appreciated.


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