Williams Chase Elegant Crisp Gin

Williams Chase Elegant Crisp Gin


48% ABV / 70cl

It's a little known fact that a majority of gins are made by simply re-distilling grain spirit with the addition of botanicals and juniper. Not so with this Elegant Gin from the Chase distillery. Made entirely from scratch, this artisan gin starts life as organically grown apples, which are pressed, fermented and distilled to create an apple vodka base. Only then are the botanicals added before re-distillation and blending with pure water from a local aquifer.

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It's complicated! I wanted to create the finest gin possible to make the perfect gin martini, having made the discovery that gin has for the last 100 years been made from mass made industrial spirit (a very basic vodka). 

Elegant is made from scratch from our 200 year old 'bioganic' traditional cider orchards. Fermenting 48 rare varieties of cider apples into our Willy's Ledburyshire '48' cider, then distilling this through our Great Chase copper column with its' '48' bubble plates into our Chase Naked Vodka, with nothing filtered out so all the delicate cider tannin flavours are retained. We then redistill in Ginny, our bespoke carter head gin still, including fuggles hops, elderflower, juniper, bramley apple and angelica, plus 37 secret wild botanicals from our preserved wild river meadow to finish at 48% ABV using well water from our home farm. 


"I like to serve it neat, over ice, (a nearly naked gin martini) with a slice of cider apple in a chilled martini glass or in a G&T also with a cider apple slice to highlight its' elegant taste."