Thomas Dakin Small Batch Gin

Thomas Dakin Small Batch Gin


42% ABV / 70cl

Inspired by the legendary 18th century gin producer of the same name, Thomas Dakin gin is made with 11 carefully selected (and in some cases rather unusual) botanicals. Alongside traditional juniper, orange peel and angelica, the gin features liquorice, grapefruit and horseradish - the contrasting flavours of which combine to create a truly unique and characterful spirit.

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In 1761, at the outset of the industrial revolution, Thomas Dakin started distilling gin in the North of England at the age of 25. He pioneered the development and refinement of high quality English Gin. His inventive and enlightened outlook created a superior quality spirit and an unrivalled gin distilling legacy. In the eighteenth century, refreshing cordials were infused with locally grown red cole to revive weary travellers on their journeys to and from London.

A classic style, single gin with juniper and citrus notes, distilled in small batches in our copper pot still. Eleven botanicals including juniper, orange peel, english coriander, angelica, grapefruit, cubebs, liquorice and a hint or red cole for an exceptional taste.

The legacy of Thomas Dakin lives on.



  1. Fill a glass with ice.
  2. Add 50 ml of Thomas Dakin Gin.
  3. Top with FeverTree tonic.
  4. Garnish with an orange peel.