Stafford's Gin

Stafford's Gin

from 21.99

45% ABV

Made from the potatoes grown on their own farm, and brought down to bottling strength with crystal clear Cornish water that springs up on their own land. This gin is a true product of Cornwall, and tastes every bit as good as you'd imagine. The botanical list includes Cornish lemon balm, bay leaf, orange peel, lime, macadamia nuts and almonds alongside rosemary, coriander and of course juniper. The characterful potato spirit provides a full, earthy palate that sees every botanical coming through in abundance. A really stunning gin!

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In 1904 our great, great grandfather Stafford Matthew Dustow bought a quaint little farm nestled in the heart of Cornwall. Over 100 years have passed and now we have produced an exquisite Cornish gin in homage to our ancestor. Uniquely, Stafford's Gin is made by infusing our potato vodka spirit with an array of wild botanicals, foraged both on the farm and much further afield. A delicate arrangement of Cornish lemon balm, rosemary & bay leaves combined with juniper, coriander, orange peel, lime, macadamia and almond provides a sweet, herbaceous nose with a refreshing, citrusy taste.

This one's for you Stafford!


Due to the intense and flavoursome character of Stafford's Gin, we recommend just sipping this one over ice with a single twisted bay leaf.