St. Ives Gin

St. Ives Gin


38% ABV / 70cl

St Ives Gin is produced by the Saint Ives Liquor Company, and is Cornwall's first cold-compound style Gin. Bold notes of sweet vanilla contrast with aromatic fresh herbs; including basil, rosemary, thyme and coriander. Zesty orange peel and lemongrass adds citrus elements, while pink peppercorns, cardamom and liquorice create warmth and a slight spice. 

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Made with the traditional technique of cold-compounding, a long-forgotten method, we take our triple-distilled grain spirit and infuse it individually with 13 different botanicals - a blend of fresh garden herbs like basil and thyme, cliff foraged gorse, and coastline seaweeds. The precise flavour alchemy is then added to each batch, to make sure it meets the three Thompson brothers' perfected palettes.

Pairing the inklings of an idea with a desire to create a deliciously different spirit experience - this is St Ives Liquor Co. Freshly founded in 2016, us three Thompson brothers hatched a plan around our family's kitchen table, to create a liquor company that had flavour, quality and character at its heart. Now, whether it's the fresh botanicals we pick from the St Ives coastline, moors and cliffs tops for our cold-compound gin, or the high-quality raw grain spirits we use in each and every batch, at St Ives Liquor Co. we're bringing a new spirit experience to each and every sip. 




  1. Fill a collins glass with ice
  2. Add 50ml of St Ives Gin
  3. Add 100ml of FeverTree Mediterranean Tonic
  4. Garnish with a wedge of grapefruit and a slice of lime.