Audemus Spirits Pink Pepper Gin

Audemus Spirits Pink Pepper Gin


44% ABV / 70cl

From the heart of the Cognac region in France comes this full bodied and intensely aromatic gin. Infused with the eponymous pink peppercorn, the gin is made using reduced-pressure distillation - a process in which each botanical is macerated separately and distilled to create concentrated aromatic extracts. The resulting spirit has been designed to "evolve" in the glass; featuring spicy notes of pink pepper, juniper and cardamom initially, before opening up to reveal flavours of patisserie, vanilla, tonka and honey.

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Our products are created using reduced-pressure distillation, where each aromatic is macerated separately in alcohol then distilled at controlled temperatures to create concentrated aromatic extracts. Each extract is then assembled with a base of slow-reduced French wheat spirit, in a process similar to that which a perfumer would employ to produce his creations. The final products are non-chillfiltered in order to retain as much flavour and aroma as possible, and ensure the smoothness of the spirit.

Pink Pepper Gin has been designed to be an entirely unique, intense and aromatic gin. One which will age and evolve both in the bottle and in the glass. When the bottle is young, or when diluted or chilled fresher, spicy notes of pink pepper, juniper and cardamom are prominent. Over time, however, the liquid evolves and warms up allowing notes of patisserie; vanilla, tonka and honey to come to the forefront. On the palate the gin is full-bodied and intensely aromatic, thus it is perfect for sipping or in cocktails. 




Serve with a deserving tonic: garnish with a sprig of lavender or a twist of grapefruit peel.