Adnams Copper Distillery First Rate Finest Cut Gin

Adnams Copper Distillery First Rate Finest Cut Gin


48% ABV / 70cl

Bottled at 48%, the Adnams First Rate offers a more complex, full-flavoured experience than the Copper House Dry Gin from the same distillery. Distilled from three locally grown grains (barley, wheat and oats) the gin has a fabulously creamy mouth-feel, while the thirteen carefully selected botanicals bring integrated aromas of juniper, spice and fresh citrus.

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When we first started experimenting with our First Rate Gin, we actually started with an eclectic range of 17 botanicals. Throughout the recipe process, we endeavoured to achieve a balance of flavours and a complimentary mix. Through careful crafting, we struck upon the perfect balance of 13 botanicals, including Juniper Berries, Coriander Seed, Cardamom Pod, Sweet Orange Peel, and Liquorice Root. It is the broad mix of botanicals which deliver a series of flavours through your gin drinking experience. 



To serve, cut a fresh sprig of thyme from the garden (or buy a bunch from the greengrocers or supermarket) and wrap a long, thin piece of zest from an unwaxed lemon around it, and add both to your glass as a garnish.