Michters Small Batch Unblended American Whiskey

Michters Small Batch Unblended American Whiskey


41.7% ABV / 70cl

To be called 'Bourbon' a whiskey has to be aged in a brand new American oak barrel, which, given the rising demand of Bourbon has lead to a shortage of American oak, leading whiskey makers to re-think their options. This has given rise to the use of second hand ex-Bourbon casks and creating American whiskey instead of bourbon. 

Michters American whiskey is a delicious, smooth, sweet whiskey with flavours of butterscotch, vanilla, caramel and dried fruits. 

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We are proud to offer you our unblended Small Batch American Whiskey. In the Michter's tradition hailing from one of America's first distillers, this whiskey is made from highest quality American grains and matured to the peak of perfection in bourbon-soaked white oak barrels. It is then further mellowed by our signature filtration.