The Liquor Cellar is the online store for JOHNS Wine & Spirits Specialists - one of Cornwall's longest running family businesses and a mecca for rare and unusual spirits. Our ethos is all about sourcing the best possible drinks we can get our hands on and selling them at some of the most competitive prices on the internet. Of course, this all involves a fair bit of research (drinking), but it's a sacrifice we're more than willing to make to bring you the most heavenly liquor this beautiful planet has to offer! You're welcome.

Our site also features some fantastic web-exclusive promotions, as well as beautiful images and cocktail suggestions, to help you track down that perfect bottle. So whether it's a Christmas present, birthday gift, or you just really need another bottle of gin (because you accidently drank the other one and it was supposed to be a wedding gift, but it was delicious so you drank it) you're sure to find something among our staggering selection of world-class spirits.